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The Reason Why it is Important to Use a Video Laryngoscope

Having a problem in the larynx can cause further respiratory health problems if it is not correct early enough. Everyone should take good care of their larynx since that is where their voices are made. When a larynx gets damaged, the voice codes can no longer be formed and hence the person will not be able to speak. When the larynx got sick, the physicians used to check the actual larynx of a patient by having the patients open their mouths wide. This caused the patients a lot of discomfort during the procedure, and in some cases, the procedure was not successful since the problem was not clearly seen. As technology advanced, however, an improved intubating machine called the video laryngoscope was invented and it made life easier for both the patients and physicians. Let us check for of the benefits of using a video laryngoscope.

One of the advantages of using a video laryngoscope is that it has increased the number of patients who go for the procedure. Initially, patients who seemed to have difficulty in breathing were not allowed to undergo intubation procedures so as to avoid the risk of further complications. However, with the video laryngoscope, the physicians only insert the small blades of video camera through the nose or orally. The visuals of the larynx are then displayed on the small monitor and the physician is able to examine the condition of the larynx. With this new machine, the intubation process is now easier, making more patients qualify for it.

Another benefit of using the video laryngoscope is that it guarantees success in the intubation procedure. The technology of the video laryngoscope can display clear images of the larynx and the surrounding area, hence giving the physicians a better chance of making the correct diagnosis, unlike the previous procedures whereby the images were blurred and resulted misdiagnosis.

In conclusion, the video laryngoscope are patient-friendly since they do not submit the patient’s trauma unlike the traditional procedures. When a patient is intubated using the video laryngoscope, the procedure is faster and less traumatizing when compared to the initial methods which were long and hectic. The patients, therefore, respond well and there is a success in the results. Thus the number of patients going for intubation have increased in number since efficiency in the hospital has also increased. The video laryngoscope is additionally very easy to learn especially for physicians who started practicing before it’s invention and were only used to the previous methods of intubation procedures.

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