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What to Bear in Mind about Psoriasis Treatment

Even though treating psoriasis is impossible, it responds quite well to many systemic and topical treatments. Even individuals who have severe psoriasis will get relief during flare-ups in many instances. Topical treatments are usually rubbed directly on the affected skin part and bring local relief without any adverse side effects of medicines taken by a shot or orally.

Some standard and used topical methods for psoriasis are steroid creams, salicylic acid, coal-tar ointments, and shampoos and prescription retinoids. Physicians recommendSalicylic acid since it smoothens the skin and promoted psoriatic scales shedding. When used on a large part of the skin, salicylic acid will cause side effects like weakening hair shafts and skin irritation. Steroid creams are perfect at reducing itching, decreasing inflammation and preventing the overproduction of cells. Coal tar ointments reduce the constant growth of skin cells and lessen the adverse impacts of the condition. Prescription retinoids are topical preparations that have a synthetic Vitamin A that aids in improving psoriasis. These preparations work slower than steroids. Skin irritation and dryness is also experienced in some instances.

The regular sunlight doses in a day, though not enough to cause sunburns, can aid in reducing psoriasis lesions in most individuals. Professional doctors in alleviating psoriasis symptoms will also use light therapy. UVB is also another process prescribed by physicians along with coal tar and light box. Narrow-band UVB therapy is very effective and has minimal chances of causing cancer in psoriasis patients.

If all the above methods fail, then oral and injectable drugs will be used. Some of the medications have adverse effects on the immune system. For instance, it is proven that methrotrexate can be helpful in clearing the lesions caused by psoriasis. The people with severe psoriasis will also benefit from oral retinoids since they comprise of Vitamin A components. Women who are within the child bearing age bracket should use these medicines with birth control drugs to avoid birth problems. Biologics are medications that control the immune responses of the body. They are commonly used in treating severe psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. The drugs are commonly made with animal and human proteins are very effective though very costly.

When medications cannot treat the symptoms of psoriasis or cause negative results, individuals can try out natural remedies like vitamins and herbs for relief. Most psoriasis patients have also found relief in ocean water and natural sun. There are seaside resorts that provide special programs for individuals with psoriasis. Other natural components that will help with psoriasis are diet, cayenne, fish oil, dead sea salt and aloe vera.

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